We Charge Less Than Others

Nex Worldwide Logistics Ltd will charge a total of at-least twice the value of the parcel and we are responsible for the refund of the same amount of money paid for insurance directly and only to the buyer. The insurance is paid only to us and it is paid by the buyer.

Small Packages


Larger Packages




Once your parcel is insured the following will take place:
1. The buyer will face no problem with the clearing of the goods as we will take care of that.
2. The shipping is sure.
3. The insurance will be refunded after the buyer receives his parcel.
4. The buyer will have no problem with the customs as we shall get the parcel insured.
Please contact us via email for more information regarding our insurance policy.

The insurance is 100% refundable when you get your parcel. We are responsible for the customs clearing and also for the safe delivery of your parcel. The insurance must be paid to enable us proceed with the shipping. Most courier companies refuse to ship dangerous and banned product but we take all the risk to do that and also assist in custom clearing for your parcel to get to you safely. When your parcel is insured, we make the content excluded from the customs depending on the nature of the product. We strongly insist that the insurance is paid. Consequential loss or indirect loss of any kind resulting from delay or loss of the item or its contents is not covered by any insurance and the Customer should insure accordingly and the customer will be fully compensated. In addition to the above, items containing money, jewellery, ceramics, glass, works of art should be properly notified so as to ensure proper care is taken. Documents are not insured under any EMS, DHL,UPS & USPS Post. We have clients that buy medications/drugs and research chemicals that are all banned but we ship them discretely so the cost of insuring them should be very high.