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Enter the Consignment No.

Ex: 12345

Nex Worldwide Logistics Service Reference (Tracking) Number.

  • All modes of transport
  • Found on Nex Worldwide Logistics Service documents associated with this shipment.
  • A unique 15-digit reference number Nex Worldwide Logistics Service assigns to every shipment.
  • Standard format is NEX1234567CARGO
  • Should be entered without dashes, hyphens or periods/dots.

B/L (Bill of Lading) .

  • Sea Freight shipments only.
  • Standard format is 14 digits; for example 1234-5678-912.345.
  • Should be entered without dashes, hyphens or periods/dots.
  • Some  B/L’s  have an additional number set, for example Nex Worldwide Logistics 1889058, which may also be used as a search key.


  • Air freight shipments only.
  • Standard format is ABC12345678.
  • Use eitherNex Worldwide Logistics Service House Airway Bill number or IATA Airway Bill number in case of a direct IATA shipment.

Customer Reference No. (Pre-defined layout only)

  • All modes of transport.
  • A reference provided by the customer for shipments, containers, invoices, orders, etc.
  • No standard format. Can be entered with dashes, hyphens or periods/dots and special characters.
  • If more than one shipment is associated with this reference, you’ll receive a summary screen with all shipments.